Our New Robotic Pet

What happened?

I have been looking on-and-off for a few years already to source a robot arm to power a silly project. I researched buying used and building my own. I also reached out to vendors for a possible loan or sponsorship.

Then karma struck.

Florentin received a message about a professional smallish arm that was being retired because the controller box appeared dead.

I was very much reminded of this scene from the IT Crowd:

He jumped on the occasion and know we have in our custody one CRS A-465 arm, a C500 controller to go with it, the teaching pendant and various other paraphernalia.

This page is to become the story of that adoption.

What we got

Here's a few unredacted pictures of what we were given taken in the spur of the moment.



A very quick test showed that the description was indeed correct. Everything appears dead.

When we start looking into things in more details we will propably start at the power supply but we do not at all pretend that we actually know what we are doing. Hopefully enough to not kill anybody.

I have since found an installation manual for the arm:

A456 Robot Arm User Guide



Stay tuned…